1 Scope

(1) These Conditions of Use govern the use of the REHAU Marketplace (hereinafter: the marketplace) of the REHAU Group ('REHAU').
(2) With the marketplace, REHAU provides its customers with various services and information. Customers can use the marketplace to access, among other things, price lists, documents and item data, and place orders.
(3) Should additional, separate terms of use apply to individual areas of the marketplace, current or future, customers are hereby expressly informed. Such more specific conditions of use then take precedence over the present general conditions of use.

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2 Registration and login administration

(1) All web visitors can browse the products in the marketplace. Before requesting a sample or placing an order, the user must complete a registration form. Thereafter, the user’s email address and password (“login” data) provide access to the marketplace.
(2) There is no right to registration. REHAU may block or restrict the access of the customer’s company or individual users at any time without giving reasons.
(3) The user may not make his marketplace password available to third parties.
(4) The information given by the user when registering must be truthful. The user must inform REHAU immediately of any post-registration changes.
(5) In the event that the user leaves the customer's company, the company must notify REHAU immediately.

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3 Services of REHAU

(1) REHAU is entitled to cease all or part of the operation of the marketplace. From time to time, business interruptions due to software updates are necessary. REHAU assumes no liability for interruptions in the availability of the marketplace.

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4 Obligations of the customer

(1) The customer is liable for all activities carried out under his "login" data in the marketplace.
(2) The customer will not use the marketplace to do harm to third parties or violate their personal rights, nor use the marketplace for advertising or other commercial purposes. In the event of a violation, REHAU may immediately block the customer's access to the marketplace. REHAU also reserves the right to delete content and material that violates the above-mentioned requirements.
(3) After each use, the customer has to log out of the password-protected area. If he / she becomes aware of abuses of his / her "login" data or if he / she suspects a misuse, the customer is obligated to notify REHAU immediately if possible in writing. REHAU will block the access by means of this "login" data of the customer and after renewed registration request will provide the customer with new "login" data.

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5 Rights of use of the customer

(1) REHAU grants the customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the information provided in the marketplace.
(2) The customer may not provide the information and documentation provided via the marketplace either for a fee or for free, either in whole or in part to third parties.
(3) The customer is not permitted to integrate and / or present the web pages belonging to the marketplace or their contents by means of a hyperlink in a sub-window (frame).
(4) Apart from the rights of use or other rights expressly granted to the customer, no other rights of any kind, in particular company names and industrial property rights (such as patents, utility models, trademarks, etc.) are granted to user, nor is REHAU obliged to the customer to grant such rights.

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6 Rights to the marketplace content – intellectual property

(1) REHAU reserves the copyright and all other protective rights on all pages of the marketplace, including the layout and the entire content.
(2) The customer shall observe the rights of REHAU and in particular shall not modify or eliminate copyright notices and / or brand names and / or other information in the contents.

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7 Hyperlinks

Under no circumstances is the company liable for the content of websites for which links are offered. These links are provided as a service for users of the company’s website(s). The content of such is expressly not adopted by the company as its own.

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8 Remuneration

REHAU provides its customers with the use of the marketplace as a free service.

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9 Liability, viruses

(1) REHAU always endeavors to keep the marketplace and the websites contained therein free from viruses. However, REHAU cannot guarantee freedom from viruses. Therefore, before downloading, the customer will provide adequate protection for his own protection as well as to prevent the introduction of viruses into the marketplace, in particular the use of an up-to-date virus scanner.
(2) REHAU assumes no liability, guarantee or liability for the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information stored in the marketplace.
(3) All sales by REHAU to customer are made subject to REHAU’s Standard Sales Terms and Conditions which can be found at www.na.rehau.com/terms.

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10 Personal data

REHAU observes the applicable data protection regulations in the collection, use and processing of personal data of the customer. For further information, see REHAU’s Privacy Notice which can be found at www.na.rehau.com/privacy.

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11 Governing law

Unless otherwise indicated herein, this website is governed and operated in accordance with the laws of the United States and Canada and is intended for the use of residents of the United States and Canada.

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12 Miscellaneous

(1) Any provisions deviating from these Conditions of Use between REHAU and the customer must be in writing. The repeal of this written form requirement can also be made only in writing.
(2) REHAU reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use at any time with future effect.
(3) Contact Information Address:

REHAU Incorporated
Attn: Legal Department
1501 Edwards Ferry Rd., NE
Leesburg, VA 20176

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